Welcome to CoveyCS

We solve problems with how people use computers to do their jobs. We analyze needs, develop a plan for a solution, and then carry out that plan while keeping an eye toward the future in regards to extendibility and maintainability. We specialize in using Microsoft-based technologies to create custom software solutions that lay on top of and integrate with existing ERP systems or other software packages.

Our Mission

"To provide our clients with reliable, accurate, and user-friendly software tools that facilitate the service of their customers by capitalizing on cutting-edge technology and an agile software development environment. "

- Jason Covey President


We build custom software systems. If you need it. We can build it.

Our Process

Quality is the most important part of the process. Gather all the expectations you want in the product. Build the product. Quality check it. Then deliver the product.

The Team

Our staff consists of highly talented software developers and support staff.


Jason A. Covey, M.Sc., CSDP

President & Sr. Software Developer


Jessica N. Covey, Ed. M.

Vice President & Secretary


Andrew "Doc" Docherty

Vice President of Software Developing


Ian Miller

Software Developer

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