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We offer a wide variety of custom software options, such as web-enabled applications, applications on Windows and non-Windows platforms, and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.


We offer services for custom software to automate existing processes, or make them more efficient. We will also team up with you to learn about your existing system and make modifications.


If your company has two or more incompatible systems that you would like to combine in some way, we will team up with you to create the software that causes those systems to work together.

our process

We use industry standard software project management processes to complete your project. Our key to success is a fully engaged customer to provide feedback and make sure we are building exactly what is needed.


This stage involves involves figuring out what service you need, and working with one of our developers to outline and implement the development of your project.


In this stage the work of the software engineers begins. Code is written and the design may change as needed. Client involvement is key in this stage as well.


This often-overlooked stage involves situations where the new application has to work on top of or along side an existing system, and must be integrated into it.


Just because your project is completed, our work doesn't end. We are constantly available to you should a bug or problem with your product ever arise.


We are experienced in a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

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  • Address: 2520 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13502
  • Phone: (315) 738-6016

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